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Fresh Graduate works by matching the education achievements attained by prospective candidates to the application requirements specified by the employer. This makes our platform unique to the market compared to the run-of-the-mill job boards of our rivals. Not only does the platform help students efficiently search potential jobs but it also acts as a career planning tool, enabling students early on in their education to make better subject choices providing them a crucial insight into opportunities available to them.

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Fresh Graduate is a unique service aimed at matching students with the right opportunities for them based on their education achievements and their desired career path. Prospective students sign up here

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Employers are essential in helping students understand what opportunities are out there and the application requirements they seek. Many students do not know that employers look at secondary school results as well as the degree results. Some students do not know that there are programmes that can be applied after leaving sixth form, and with tuition fees increasing this could be a viable option. Employers need to take an active part to improve education standards as this can help build a better talent pool. Fresh Graduate can help employers market their vacancies enabling them to focus of finding the best talent available for their business needs. If you are an employer sign up for FREE and start creating your profile, here:

Our Vision and Background

We want to ensure students are aware from the onset about what opportunities are available to them based on their education choices. It is a frustrating process to search for jobs with all the different application requirements, so we created a platform to make this task more efficient. We want to help students make rational subject choices earlier as they will have a better idea on what is available to them after they leave education.

From the feedback and experiences, from students and those that have graduated, most felt that if they knew about opportunities earlier they would have been better prepared to take advantage of them; they could have made informed choices in their education earlier.

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